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Hi guys! I'm Sam. I like to read and write and listen to music.



“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

― Oscar Wilde

The Language of Flowers - Vanessa Diffenbaugh Wow. Wow. This book... I don't even know where to begin. I love the way when you read, it's like there's a show going on in your head. You can see the characters, what they're wearing, the emotions on their faces. It's like a movie, except better, because it's just you and that screen your head, and you can pause it if you need to catch your breath and put it down. (Although, if you're like me, even still you tend not to take those pauses because how can you put down the book for a moment?)The best books, though, are the ones where you not only can imagine everything in your head, but you also become one of those characters yourself. This was one of those best books. When Victoria was faced with a tough decision, so was I, and my stomach was in knots. When she came to stay with Elizabeth, I became Elizabeth as well, guiding her through her transition into "normal" non-foster-care life. I cried reading this book. A lot. Because I felt the characters, felt their pain and sorrow and joy and relief and regret. Every page, it seemed, I was crying. And not just tearing up. No: tears were falling down my face, and I am not a crier. Honestly. The only book I've ever cried when reading was [b:The Book Thief|19063|The Book Thief|Markus Zusak|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1352395325s/19063.jpg|878368], when Hans Hubermann died and Liesel saw Max in the Parade of Jews. So it was a shock that this book pulled so much emotion out of me, that I could not catch my breath again for hours after I finished reading this book. Who do I recommend this book to? Everyone. Seriously. Everyone who has a heart must read this. Now. It is a story about love and family and regret and forgiveness and... well, everything, really. Every emotion possible is in here. There was laughter as well as tears. I just... I can't say enough about this book. My words are not enough. So, everyone, everywhere, go out and read this book. :D